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Woodland burials

What is a woodland burial?

In our current society there is a  quickly growing and widely popular trend chosen by people who want to be environmentally friendly. There are areas of land across the UK within beautiful settings for people to choose as their final resting place. Usually a memorial tree is planted for the deceased which then becomes part of the already established natural woodland.

Any person can be buried in these designated locations, irrespective of their personal beliefs. On the whole most of these sites are not consecrated ground, although it is permissible for individual graves to be blessed by ministerial persons and you are at liberty to organise your preferred style of funeral.
Woodland remembrances are certainly a positive way of putting back into the environment following death. Many sites also promote a state of perpetuity (no limited time span) for the graves unlike plots in cemeteries which eventually can be re-used or even undergo development. With our planetary atmosphere suffering from deterioration, the addition of broadleaf trees can play an active role in restoring some balance and stemming the degradation.

What are the requirements for a woodland burial?


Interments of shrouds and or coffins must be made of fully biodegradable materials.


Floral tributes will be removed after the 7th day following a burial.


A wooden plaque with the name of the deceased and the lifespan can be placed on the grave if you provide one.


Tree planting is usually undertaken by the grounds management, occasionally some establishments will supervise and direct the planting if you want to do it yourself.


You must have either the registrar’s certificate or the coroner’s order for burial to have interment permitted.


Only a court of law order will be permitted for the act of exhumation.

There is an organisation referred to as the Association of Natural Burial Grounds (ANBG). They have a site that list burial grounds in your region with links to both subscribed and non member providers.

Not all of these sites are woodland locations so if you are trying to find one that it is, please ensure that you determine if they provide plots that are suitable if that is your choice.

Different parks and reservations have different price structures. Here is what you might pay based on an average of nationwide searches.

Single grave space (does not include ground preparation)

Single ground space for cremated remains

Dedication and planting of memorial tree

Sometimes there is cost for installing a plaque

Free Funeral Plan

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