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Paying a Funeral Director

Paying A Funeral Director

For the majority of services, funeral directors will require a deposit prior to instigating any arrangements. The person who arranges the funeral is ultimately responsible for settling the final bill; it is important that they know or have made provisions to source the money for when the time comes. Please talk to you funeral director about this if you have any concerns some directors have payment options to accommodate uncertain circumstances.


It is worth checking to see if the deceased has taken out a pre-paid funeral plan, effectively paying for their funeral in advance of the event. The documentation of most plans should contain a set of instructions for you to follow. All but the most basic types of funeral plan cover the cost of the entire funeral with a certain section of money put aside to cover 3rd party disbursements (doctor’s fees, cremation or burial fee (digging the grave) and minister or celebrant fees).

In the event that there is no funeral plan, the cost will normally be deducted from any monies left by the deceased. The cost of a funeral takes precedent over any other debt apart from a secured loan such as a mortgage. Banks and building societies can release funds from accounts on producing a death certificate and funeral invoice.


On occasion, relatives of the deceased may need to borrow money until the financial and property details are completed and released. There are funeral directors who will allow payment to be delayed until this period is complete, although they will still require the payment of a deposit to cover the cost of the disbursements that have to be paid out to 3rd party service providers. Funeral directors have the right to ask for these deposits to protect them from being left financially out of pocket. There have been experiences of some families ordering expensive funeral services with nothing to pay the funeral director with, the director still has to cover the cost to the cemetery or crematorium.

It is worth checking with funeral directors if they offer a payment plan to settle the cost over fixed term period through a financier credit agency. In this circumstance the cost of the funeral is paid to the funeral director from the credit agency, you as the client then pay the agency on a monthly basis. The duration of the finance option can affect the rate of interest so it’s worthwhile looking around to see what deal you can acquire other than the credit option offered by the funeral director.

Regrettably there are some people who have taken out payday loans at exorbitant interest rates to cover the cost of a funeral. If you are in a situation where you feel that this is your only option please talk to The Bereavement Advice Centre. They have a freephone service with experts who might be able to help you avoid using a desperate solution like this.

Free Funeral Plan

If you would like to make use of our free funeral plan i.e. the funeral wishes form, please click on the button. As a result this will download a pdf copy to complete and print for your own records.