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Optional Funeral Costs

The more you add to a funeral by way of features, the more the final cost is going to be. Based on national average figures for (2017) these optional costs could add around £2,000 or more.
As with almost aspects of a funeral you should shop around to find good deals, you will often find formidable price differences either within your local community and sometimes by national providers such as florists.

Did you know?
Anything that is not essential to a funeral is to be considered an optional cost.

For example purposes only we have compiled a rough price list for optional funeral items.

Memorial Headstone or Plaque

Catering Costs


Hiring a venue for the wake

Funeral floral arrangements

Return of ashes from cremation

Issue of funeral notice

Release of death notice

Provision of urn

Design and print for order of service sheets

Free Funeral Plan

If you would like to make use of our free funeral plan i.e. the funeral wishes form, please click on the button. As a result this will download a pdf copy to complete and print for your own records.