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Help With Funeral Costs

Looking into funding for funerals in the UK

Are there funeral payment plans available?

Not to be confused with pre-paid funeral plans, a funeral payment plan is an arrangement for when the cost of the funeral is paid for over a defined length of time. Some funeral directors have such finance options available where you pay for the services over an agreed period. Most of these plans require you to pay a deposit that covers the cost of the 3rd party (disbursements) fees, these are typically burial, interment, minister and death certificate costs.

The cost of a funeral, even with a very conservative approach, can run into several thousands. At this time for persons of low to middle income there appear to be no complete packages tailored to included the entire cost of a funeral including all the disbursements, burial and other associated fees. Frequently people are able to organise loans that will cover the cost, if there are funds to be allocated from the sale of assets in the deceased’s estate, these are likely to be used in order to pay off the loan. If your credit allows, please look around carefully for good deals on personal loans, pay specific attention to interest rates and whether or not there is a penalty fee included in the conditions for paying the loan off early.

I can’t afford the cost of a funeral what can I do?

The UK government website details information for an application to have assistance with the cost of a funeral via a social fund.

The amount that you can be awarded will depend very much on your own financial circumstances. Typically the funeral payment will assist a person with:


Burial rights and burial fees with respect to a chosen plot.


Cremation fees


Doctor’s certificate


Travel arrangements to and from the funeral


Costs for moving the body in the UK upto 50 miles


Up to £700 towards funeral expenses, including funeral director’s fees, coffin and flowers

If the person had a pre-paid funeral plan, you will only receive help for items not covered within the plan itself.

If you have already paid the funeral director, the money will be deposited in your bank account, otherwise it will be paid to the director.
To see the full conditions of eligibility for a government funeral payment please visit the gov site.

At the very least you must have the following relationship with the deceased:


Partner when they died


Close relative or close friend


Parent of a stillborn after 24 weeks of pregnancy


Parent of a child under 16 (or under 20 in full time education)

If you meet one of these conditions you will have to meet a further requirement to be awarded fund assistance (gov site link above). The application can be made over the phone or by downloading and completing the SF200 document (pdf)

If you are awarded funds from the government, and there are funds within the deceased person’s estate, the money will have to be paid back. If a surviving widower or civil partner, resides in the house left by the deceased then this property and personal things are exempt from the fund recovery obligation.

Free Funeral Plan

If you would like to make use of our free funeral plan i.e. the funeral wishes form, please click on the button. As a result this will download a pdf copy to complete and print for your own records.