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Funeral Florists

What kind of flowers would you have at the funeral? Perhaps the person who has left didn’t really want them and may have left some instructions concerning this. That being said, guests do like to bring flowers and people with a more traditional disposition like very much to have personalised floral arrangements.

It’s important to recognise that the time of year for the funeral can in part affect the price for some of the more exotic species that might be required. Competent and established florists will certainly be able to secure most, if not all floral items you may require from their wholesale suppliers. In the event that you are unsure as to what kind of display you would like, there is great value in visiting a chosen florist and talking with them. A proficient person in the trade will deftly be able to ask questions that will help them to build the arrangement around the tastes of the deceased.

The type of flowers chosen, through established tradition, can convey specific sentiments. It is becoming popular practice to give potted plants also at funerals, as they provide a long lasting tribute to the lost loved one.


Very popular funeral service flowers used to symbolise the innocence restored to the soul that has departed.


Symbolic of strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity, there is a formidable selection of colours that you can choose from.


A long lasting flower with a recognisable fragrance, pink carnations are evocative of remembrance whilst white stands for purity of love and innocence.


In some western European countries (France, Italy, Spain) they are used solely for funerals; in the far east (Japan, China and Korea) they represent grief and lamentation.


Different colours again denote different sentiments, white is for reverence and humility, deep crimson is for grief and sorrow, yellow are usually from friends to symbolise their strong ties. A single rose included within a bouquet signifies enduring love for the departed.


The colour of an orchid plant, specifically pink or white express sentiments of sympathy.

Daffodils and Tulips

Flowers that denote a fresh start and of renewal, often given to bring encouragement and hope to the grieving recipient. Usually sent as a sympathy gift to the family home.

Funeral directors who have been established for a long period within the community may have a good professional relationship with one or more local florists. On occasion you might get a better deal for flowers, if you are using the services of a funeral director that is.

As tastes diversify greatly amongst people, there is quite a considerable number of arrangements within categories related to funerals. A very useful web site to have a look at for ideas is Flowers For Funerals. They use approved florists all across the country to arrange and deliver flowers. The prices are mostly at the middle to higher range, although they do have regular offers and they appear to have a reliable track record.

From a traditional aspect the most common presentations fall into the following categories:

Sprays and Sheaves

Sprays and Sheaves over a casket


Hearts and Cushions

Specialised Tributes

Baskets and Posies

Children’s Tributes

Sympathy Flowers

Some people provide in their wishes the desire not to have flowers at the funeral; in certain cases these individuals usually opt for donations to be towards a charity of their choice.

Free Funeral Plan

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