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Funeral Disbursement costs

Funeral Disbursement Costs

Sometimes referred to as disbursement fees, these are costs that would not normally be included within the fees of funeral director. These fees will vary considerably based upon those charged by your local council and whether or not you chose for a burial in a churchyard or a cemetery.

Typical disbursement fees will be between £1,100 to £2,500; they are usually comprised of at least two or more of the following:

Cremation fees issued by the crematoria

Burial fees

Death certificate issued by a doctor
(for cremation only)

It’s important to note that disbursement is just a fancy name for fees that you have to pay a third party to either bury or cremate the body.

If finances are very important, please do look around carefully, as there can be substantial price differences even though cemetery locations may only be a few miles apart. Just by way of example you might only pay £550 in Belfast for a grave, whereas in London and the Kent region on the UK you can find grave plots costing in excess of £4,500.

Some sites will have an all inclusive burial fee that covers the cost of the plot as well as the digging and the filling of the grave. You should also ask if the cemetery you chose whether or not they have non-resident charges; these are extra costs for cremating or burying a person who did not live in the district or borough.

You may also want to verify if there is an annual maintenance fee for the upkeep of the grave and yes there may even be some kind of surcharge should you want to be allowed to have a service conducted at the crematorium or cemetery. This is another reason why it is worth asking from the outset what is actually included with the burial fees.
Most funeral directors will ask you to pay the disbursement fees by way of deposit for their services, there have been instances where families have been unable to afford the agreed funeral director’s costs, thus leaving the director out of pocket.

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