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Funeral Catering Services

What catering services are available for funeral wakes?

Most catering companies work on a per person basis. Established companies will usually give you the option of a set menu starting from cold buffet through to a served hot meal cuisine service. Within the menu categories you can often choose from a range of items to suit taste in compiling the final buffet or set course meal.

Price differences are considerable from company to company, caterers based in busy, city areas tend to have more outlay and so the costs are a little higher than independent urban and rural setups.

If you work on the basis that a finger buffet would cost £10.00 per person with a guest count of 30, the cost would be £300.00 with a possible small rate delivery and or administrative charge.

Unlike a wedding, no single person is expecting you to lay on a silver service banquet, our advice if you want to keep costs low, is to remain with a buffet service. Good catering companies will be able to provide you with hot buffet options as well as cold collations. Some companies have licenses to provide and serve alcohol should you use a venue that does not have a bar facility.

Finger foods and a buffet style menu is the most commonly used at funerals

The service maybe attended by a considerable number of guests, it is popular to have  two separate invitations, one for the service only and the other for service and wake. This method ensures you can budget and adequately provide refreshment for a set number of people. The first question a venue providing refreshment or an independent catering company will ask you is how many persons will attend. Being prepared in this way will help you choose the appropriate venue in terms of size and will ensure that you have enough food and drink for people attending the wake, so of whom may have travelled a long distance to be there.

We are all so very different and because of this we approach life’s natural order in different ways. Some people prefer to experience funerals as celebrations with respect to the deceased’s life, others prefer to adjust through reflection and lamenting. It is sometimes the choice of people to have music or entertainment at the wake. During the buffet or meal section of the event it is popular to have non intrusive background music, some organisers have a singer or a band performing further on into the wake.
In essence everything comes back to any expressed desires left by the person before they passed away in conjunction with how their loved ones want them to be remembered. Suffice to say food and drink is the most effective way for guests to engage and share anecdotes, which contribute to the foundations of the healing from loss.

Free Funeral Plan

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