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Finding Funeral Suppliers

Where do I find funeral suppliers?

You may be able to reduce the cost of a funeral by arranging many of the details on your own (see our DIY guide). Please take on board our advice that you should set a budget and allocate your resources carefully before commencing. If your emotions are strong during this time, be aware that these can easily cloud your judgement; having the voice of a second opinion or at least someone to provide checks and balances on your decisions can prove beneficial.

For a traditional style funeral you will want to source the following:

  • Flowersfind a florist directory
  • Music – Most venues will have a sound system and CD player if you need it
  • Death notices – Protect the deceased’s identity from fraud (free service)
  • Location of wake – warm, comfortable, dry and friendly staff, that’s what matters.
  • Person to read eulogy – someone close, could be a friend not always a family member
  • Pall Bearers – Almost everyone could be a pallbearer
  • Coffin – There is a great deal of choice, do shop around for the best deal
  • Funeral cars – Local searches can reveal some firms
  • Clothes for the deceased – it’s for them, what did they like to wear?
  • Headstones – try and get 3 or more quotes to force concessions to fit your budget
  • Urn suppliers – There are quite a number of sites offering urns in different designs and materials

Our advice is to set aside some time, preferably with someone who you trust and perhaps has a lesser relationship with the deceased in order to seek out and secure solutions to the requirements of the funeral. Remember of course that proficient funeral directors will more than likely have relationships with local suppliers and will naturally be on hand to provide solutions should the arrangements prove too difficult.
Word of mouth referrals and testimonies are quite valuable, consider that if the referral came from someone you know well, they are putting their own reputation on the line. It is worth at the very least obtaining a quote from the recommended supplier for the purposes of a comparison.

Free Funeral Plan

If you would like to make use of our free funeral plan i.e. the funeral wishes form, please click on the button. As a result this will download a pdf copy to complete and print for your own records.