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Cemeteries & Crematoria

Where are they and how much do they cost

If you are able to do so, we recommend that you visit the site of a crematorium or cemetery to determine if it is suitable by way of location. Depending on the number of guests who may be in attendance to the service you will need to pay some attention to the amount of seating available.

It is common to find cemeteries and crematoria offering a number of memorial options. These can include private gardens, surface level ash plots, wall plaques and books of remembrance. The physical plot space will most likely have a standard set price that pays for a lease time starting at a minimum of 75 years with a common upper ceiling of 100 years across most regional councils.

The deed rights of the grave or ash plot are registered with the grave owner, this documentation has to be produced as proof of ownership to the cemetery or crematorium office prior to the interment event. If you are the holder of the document, please make sure that keep this document in a safe and secure place until it is needed. The process can be heavily complicated should the paperwork be mislaid, effectively delaying the burial of the deceased. It is worth meticulously working through a deceased’s documentation to see if they had already purchased a plot or have it included within an insurance plan. It is worthing asking the cemetery of crematoria if the price includes maintenance fees.

cemeteries and crematoria

Grave plots generally start at a value of £800.00 (2014) and can be as much as £1,050.00. The cost for a cremation plot is considerably less with a price value approaching £500.00. Also consider that there is an interment (burial) fee. If the deceased was a local resident in the parish, the fee is usually less (£700.00), for persons being buried not local to the region, the interment cost is almost a third higher (£1,000+).

Most, with the exception of the most basic funeral plans will cover the cost of interment for either cremated ashes or coffin burial, the physical plot lease however is not normally included.

If you need to search out details for cemeteries and crematoria, please visit the UK directory here

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