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Burial Ground Fees

What do burial ground fees entail?

There is a cost for the land space and the maintenance staff who attend to the burial plots. The localisation of the plot, the region of the country and the type of burial ground all affect the final cost. If the deceased is a member of the local parish and is to be buried in the affiliated cemetery or churchyard then you might be awarded a reduction in fees. The size of the grave can also influence the cost.
Costs really do vary greatly from place to place and it can often be a requirement of the deceased to be registered in the parish in order for them to be buried in the grounds.

By way of example here is a cost comparison and some of the common fees and definitions you are likely to be presented with. These figures were accurate for March 2017.

Lewes District Council – East Sussex

  • Exclusive rights of burial (standard burial plot for 50 years) £1,000
  • Garden of rest ashes plot (10 years only, option to increase) £240.00
  • Child burial plot (50 years) £350.00
  • Interment (digging) fee for deceased age 12+ years – £775.00
  • Cremated ashes in urn or casket located in garden of rest – £230.00
  • Rights to place a gravestone or wall tablet – £187.00
  • Searches fee (formality for plot leasing) – £24.00

In summary the standard cost might start around £1,976 just to bury a person at a cemetery in East Sussex operated by the council.

Keyworth Parish Council – Keyworth, Nottingham

  • Deed of grant (rights of burial plot 75 years) –  £259.00
  • Interment fee (location mapping, adminstrative costs) – £104.00
  • Grave digging fee, not listed but expect around £495.00+
  • Rights to place headstone – £69.00

In this example the person has to be a member of the parish in order to be buried at this particular burial ground. The cost for a person interred here would start from £927

Woodland burials can often cost less than most cemetery burials, this might be a suitable option if the person expressed no affiliation with any religious order. Woodland burials tend to have much fewer conditions albeit there are some basic ones that are statutory for any burial grounds in the UK.

Most councils have published their prices relating to burial and associated fees online. If you search for the council name and add the words ‘burial fees’ you will most likely find the information.
Here is a useful link for UK wide natural burial sites

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