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Posthumous Plans

Funerals plans that are available for a person who just passed away.

Losing a person close to you can feel like your world has been thrown into a vacuum, no matter how ready you think you are, the first moments, for many individuals, can take on a surreal, abstract quality.

Not everyone plans for the future, it’s something we individually choose to do in different ways. For many, planning a funeral before their time can be disturbing. Perhaps it would be helpful if we all made arrangements in advance, the fact of the matter is that a lot of us don’t.

Sadly, Prepare have found this scenario to be more common than not. That is why we have decided to provide the opportunity to buy a funeral plan even after a person has died.

Why would anyone do this? Pure and simply our work with Safehands who in turn work with the NFFD, enable us to offer a funeral at up to 25% less than the current cost for a comparable funeral director package offered on the high street. Our team is able to negotiate with funeral directors to secure lower but fair prices, protecting the consumer from what is currently an unregulated business.

Each plan we offer includes an amount for 3rd party disbursements, these are fees not related to the funeral director, such as doctor’s fee (death certificate), minister/celebrant fee, burial/cremation fee. Please not 3rd party disbursement cover does not include the cost a burial plot, these can vary greatly depending on which region of the country you reside in.

How does this work?

The procedure is almost the same as if you were taking out a plan before the time of someone’s passing.

Essentially you complete a plan application form with us, you can do this online or we can come and meet with you in person. You decide what package you would like by way of the services included.

Are there any differences for buying a plan under these circumstances?

Essentially you complete a plan application form with us, you can do this online or we can come and meet with you in person. You decide what package you would like by way of the services included.

*The cost of the posthumous plan has to be paid in full before we can proceed.

Okay so I have bought the plan what happens next?

As soon as your details and payment has been confirmed we immediately contact our trusted and verified funeral directors in your local area. With your permission we will ask the funeral director to contact you directly to make all the arrangements. Safehands pay the funeral director for the expenses and 3rd party disbursements*

Can I use my preferred funeral director?

With a posthumous plan it is currently not possible to designate a preferred funeral director. That being said we will assign a trusted and approved director in the local proximity to you.

*We have to pay the funeral director fees, minister/celebrant, doctor’s fee, crematorium/interment fee, therefore there is no provision for monthly finance payments on this type of plan unlike our before death plans.

What is not covered by a plan?

Presently there is no provision for the purchasing of an actual burial plot, the cost of plots vary considerably depending on locality, council parish and plot type (e.g. cemetery, meadow or woodland – coffin grave, ashes urn burial).

Will I really save money instead of calling a local funeral director?

Sadly, the funeral industry remains unregulated, this means funeral directors can charge whatever they like with very little accountability. The National Federation of Funeral Directors is an organisation that prescribes a firm set of regulations to its members, included are strict rules on fair and transparent pricing to customers. With the power of this organisation Prepare is able to negotiate and reduce the costs of a funeral considerably lower than the average highstreet value, in some cases upto 25%.

Can we help you with a posthumous plan?

We understand the sensitivity of this subject and believe that face to face discussions are essential concerning these matters. If you would like to have a trained member of our team visit you, please ask us to contact you back.