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Planning a Funeral – Prepaid Funeral Plans

Planning a funeral doesn’t have to be daunting, read our guides and knowledge base for inspiration

Planning a Funeral

We have a free funeral planner that is very popular with our clients. By all means use it to generate ideas and lay down your personal choices.


Questions About Funerals

With so many aspects to consider when arranging a funeral there often arises lots of questions. We are constantly adding articles in an attempt to form a library of information for people to use.


Price Rise Insurance

Did you know that you can lock in the price of a funeral at today’s prices even if (and we all hope) that it is many years into the future. Click on the above icon to see our prepaid funeral plans

Planning A Funeral Latest Blog Entries

Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes, Are They All The Same? Which Funeral Home Should You Choose? The most common choices for funeral homes are based around the locality in conjunction with word of mouth recommendations. To this day a good percentage of people will gravitate towards...

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Funeral Hearse Hire

Funeral Hearse Hire

Funeral hearses are the vehicles that carries the coffin from the family or funeral home to the funeral service and then onto either the cemetery or crematorium. A quick search on the internet for funeral hearse hire will produce a considerable number of results....

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