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Funeral Homes, Are They All The Same?

Which Funeral Home Should You Choose?

The most common choices for funeral homes are based around the locality in conjunction with word of mouth recommendations. To this day a good percentage of people will gravitate towards ‘names’ that have a long establishment within the local community. Certainly there are seemingly obvious merits to be gained from choosing the services of a larger chain establishment. To a point, the professionalism and direction is for the most part tried and tested.

That being said, there are equally measurable benefits for selecting smaller, independent funeral directors who tend to exercise a more obvious personal touch to accommodate the desires and most importantly the emotions of the client.

Common Expectations of Funeral Homes

Arguably the most important considerations for funeral homes include accessibility and privacy. For grieving persons, the process of healing requires them to have unrestricted access to the resting place of their loved ones at unpredictable times. In order for the foundations of healing and closure to be formed, this option should absolutely be made available.

Every grieving person manifests their emotions in different ways; we all endure a physical and psychological process, with stages occurring at different rates and for varying duration.


What Should You Expect From A Funeral Home

Basic Services Available

Funeral directors who are competent and caring have an obligation to be considerate, maintaining respectful input as determined by individual requirements. It’s accepted that all services have a cost relation to them, not all equivalent services cost the same. Regrettably region and established ‘firms’ often increase individual service component prices to yield a higher overall cost.

Modern funeral homes that are sensitive to cultural changes, can provide access at all hours, have a person with counselling abilities and aid in the selection of items for a service based on memories and likes of the departed. Queen Victoria is attributed as being the monarch who introduced black as the official colour of mourning.

When it comes down to it, there are no requirements for anyone to adhere to tradition, especially when this may contradict the character of the person who has left.

Benefits to Look Out For

  • Does the location have visitor parking?
  • Are pre-approved visitors outside close family allowed?
  • Does the home have a counsellor?
  • Is there a post event bereavement plan?
  • What is the duration allowed for the person lying in state?

Making Life Preparations

So many of our clients convey how relieved they are to discover that their loved ones has put together a funeral wishes itinerary. This has helped people to select the right funeral home in order to accommodate finer details as well as practical specifics already mentioned in this article.

We have a free funeral wishes planner on our web site that you can download here