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Funeral hearses are the vehicles that carries the coffin from the family or funeral home to the funeral service and then onto either the cemetery or crematorium. A quick search on the internet for funeral hearse hire will produce a considerable number of results.

Traditional hearses – we have a beautiful fleet of traditional black hearses or silver. Our traditional hearses are smart yet modest; maintained to a high standard. We believe it is important to offer customers a broad range of options catering for modern and vintage tastes.


Modern funeral hearse hire

Modern Funeral Hearse Hire

Modern car designs have been incorporated into hearse designs. The landscape of funeral perception is slowly evolving with a migration away from black to silver and even white.

Vintage Funeral Hearse Hire

Vintage Funeral Hearse Hire

There is something to be said about the nostalgic appeal of vintage cars. For many these vehicles project a refined elegance that is hard to mimic or capture.

The cost of funerals increase year on year more than inflation. Funeral hearse hire and carriage limousines are usually typically in a funeral directors package fee. The number of cars is dependent on the type of package chosen and is subsequently reflected in the price. A pre paid funeral plan is designed to cover funeral fees, protecting the plan holder’s family from rising costs in the future.

Some people prefer horse and carriage as an option for funeral hearse hire.

Funeral Hearse Hire – How Much Will It Cost

The cost will vary on the type of vehicle used to convey the coffin. For a horse drawn carriage you can expect to pay upwards of £1,000. A more modern hearse will typically incur a cost of approximately £300.00 whereas a vintage cars can be hired in the region of £600-800.

Many funeral directors also charge a transfer fee on top of the hire fee from the place of service unto the place of burial, this can be in the region of £150.00.

These costs are going up each year, the expense of a funeral is usually deducted from a person’s estate

Lock Down Today's Prices

Have a look at our all inclusive funeral plans that lock in today’s prices for funerals that could take place many years into the future.