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Frequently asked questions about funeral plans

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is the most cost effective and practical means to protect your family against rising funeral costs. Taking out a funeral plan enables you to pre determine the precise format of your funeral, sparing your family any uncertainty or indecision over what your particular wishes may be.

What does a Prepare funeral plan include?

At present we offer 5 different plans to accommodate varying tastes and budgets. With the exception of the eco-plan, all plans include a lined, fitted coffin, 24 hour transfer of the departed, care and preparation of the deceased, the associated funeral director’s fees and services. Furthermore 3 of our plans include a £1,100 allowance to cover 3rd party fees, sometimes known as disbursements.

What are 3rd Party Fees (Disbursements)?

Fees that are outside the control of the funeral director are referred to as disbursements. The cost elements include burial or cremation fees, doctor’s fees and minister’s fees. Currently the national average for 3rd party fees is approximately £1,000. Presently 3 of our plans include an allowance of £1,100 to cover 3rd party fees (see terms and conditions). WIth the investment of your funds in our partner Safe Hands Trust Fund, the monetary value of your funeral plan (including the £1,100 disbursement allowance) rises over the course of your lifetime, with sufficient growth to cover the cost of funeral and 3rd party fees.

I wish to buy a plan that doesn't include 3rd party fees, can I pay for these later?

You can pay for the 3rd party fees at a later date than when you purchased the plan, or you can of course have your family/estate pay for them when you pass away (bear in mind that 3rd party fees will rise over time). So if you bought a plan with 3rd party fees included and lived 30 years longer than when you bought the plan, you will have saved in the region of £4,000 having to be paid from your estate.

Is burial more expensive than cremation?

Yes, the funeral director’s fees and services remain the same for either cremation or burial, the cost of a burial plot however vary considerably across different local authorities. When we know the cemetery you are to be buried in, we can then obtain a fixed price.

Can I purchase a plan on someone else's behalf?

Of course, when you complete the application, please make us aware in the relevant section of the form that this is your intention (please refer to the application guide for assistance).

Can I nominate a particular funeral director to undertake my funeral?

Yes. When you purchase a high street funeral plan, you are welcome to nominate a preferred funeral director to conduct your funeral. Don’t worry if you don’t have a particular funeral director in mind; we work with nation network of reputable firms with membership to the NFFD and similar trade bodies. If you move to another part of the UK, we will simply assign your plan to an alternative firm in your new location.

Can I amend / alter the content of my funeral plan?

All of the plans we offer can be adjusted to incorporate specific tastes and preferences. You may add to and alter specifics of the plan at any time. We don’t charge any administration fees for altering the plan, just bear in mind that if you add to the plan and make certain alterations there may be additional charges dependent on the nature of the updated content. You can transfer the plan to another family member, change address without incurring any charges.

I have changed my mind, can I get a refund?

So long as you cancel your plan within 28 days of the purchase, you are entitled to a full, no quibble, refund. Even a simple notification by telephone on 28th day is sufficient to cancel your plan, you will only receive your refund once we have received the cancellation request in writing either by post or email.

What if the plan holder dies abroad or away from home?

If the plan holder dies abroad then the repatriation costs are the responsibility of the next of kin; repatriation costs are by and large covered by travel insurance. If the plan holder dies away from home in the UK, the designated funeral director will arrange the collection and any additional mileage above that included within the plan will be charged by the funeral director.

Can I make personal requests within my funeral plan?

You are welcome to include any specific or personal requests within your funeral plan. We will try hard to incorporate these desires at no extra cost. We will notify you prior to buying a plan if we determine that your requests are likely to incur an additional charge.

Do I have to pass a medical examination?

High street funeral plans are available to anyone… regardless of age, current health or medical history, there is definitely no requirement for any customer to undergo a medical examination.

Why are your plans so much cheaper than other providers?

The partner company Safe Hands that we work with, do not employ any sales teams and regional sales managers. This is in contrast to other funeral plan companies who have to recoup their expenditure by charging more for their plans. Safe Hands also do not operate expensive call centres to generate new business. In order to progress as a business they rely on approved agents such as ourselves who recommend by referral. Safe Hands keep their operating costs to a minimum so that you the customer can benefit from lower costs.