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We Care About Eventualities

Who or what is Prepare and what are the guarantees?

Prepare is a brand name operated by Prepare Plans Ltd, we are an officially recognised agent for the ‘Safe Hands’ funeral plan company. The security and protection of each plan’s finances are guaranteed by the ring fenced trust funds in which they are held. The fund is designed to grow annually in order to cover the cost of funeral director fees and depending on which plan is chosen (see prepaid funeral plans), 3rd party fees commonly known as disbursements.

Our plans are not limited to the individual who is making preparations for themselves, they can also be bought on behalf of another person, plans can be bought at any age, acceptance is guaranteed and there are absolutely no requirements for a medical.

Peace of mind

Every person who works here has experienced the emotion of loss for close friends and family. The formation of this company was born out of the necessity to assist others who wanted to plan for their own funeral. Peace of mind in the knowledge that both financial and the main funeral details are taken care of.

The association of funeral directors has been established to prevent unfair charging practices for funeral directors. As previously mentioned, prices will rise annually for funeral costs; a pre-paid plan is designed to provide a means of paying for a funeral at today’s prices even if the day does not come for many years.

Have any questions?

We understand the sensitivity of this subject and believe that face to face discussions are essential concerning these matters. If you would like to have a trained member of our team visit you, please ask us to contact you back.

Departing with Dignity

Very few people like to discuss the closure of their lives; for many it can be very difficult and burdensome. Whatever a person’s world views we believe absolutely in conveying grace, comfort and respect to every person who comes to us. We are aware that funeral costs can be high; they are rising more than inflation each year. The sole purpose of our business is to provide a trust where customer plan funds are protected against inflation.

The emotional duress that comes with the passing of a close loved one is hard to bear, our plans are designed to lighten the load by limiting the responsibilities and financial pressure. A funeral plan increases value to match rising funeral costs.