Average Cost of Funeral Rising Annually

Prepaid funeral plans are the smartest way to beat the future average cost of funeral (s)

” Prepaid funeral plans are the most cost effective means of protecting a person’s estate from annually rising funeral costs. The average cost of funeral is entirely outstripping the rate of inflation, Independent Financial Advisers all recommend funeral plans as the smarter investment. “

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Do I need a funeral plan?


Did you know that both you and your family benefit from a pre paid funeral plan?


Are you interested in knowing the greater advantages than a traditional funeral insurance policy?


Would you like to protect your loved ones from high costs in the future?

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Prepaid Funeral Plans


Peace of mind in knowing the hardest arrangements have been made.


Choose from a diverse range of funeral plans to suit budget and requirements.


Guaranteed fund protection, ensuring the money is there for when the time eventually comes.

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Finance Options


Plan purchases can be spread over 10 years with interest free options up to 24 months.


Our most prestigious plan (Royale) is as low as £43.17 per month (120 month period)


Option to pay for any funeral plan outright in full.

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How Much Are Funeral Costs Rising?

In 2029 the predicted cost of a funeral has been estimated be £10,203 – featured in the Sun Life report of mid 2013. In 1997 the average cost was recorded to be £1,230. The current cost for a funeral is close to £4,000. We guarantee that no matter how long you live and however expensive the funeral, there will be sufficient funds in the trust to meet the financial requirements of the director’s fees and services.

  • 1997 (£1,230)
  • 2005 (1,965)
  • 2013 (£3,456)
  • 2021(£5,938)
  • 2029 (£10,203)
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Peace of mind

Prepare funeral plans are the most affordable and inclusive means that you can protect your loved ones from ever rising funeral costs. A prepaid funeral plan also spares them many of the decisions as to what your preferences for a funeral might be.

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Financial Security

The money you pay for the plan is held in a protected, secure trust fund, overseen by award winning solicitors and an independent panel of qualified Trustees. When the time comes the guarantee ensures that there will always be sufficient funds available to cover the funeral director’s fees and services – Prepare prepaid funeral plans.

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Customer Options

The 7 funeral plans that we offer have been carefully put together to suit different tastes and budgets. Plans options can be selected for either cremation or burial down to the finer details such as music and flowers. Plans can be upgraded at any time.

Would you like to discuss our prepaid funeral plans with a team member?

We understand the sensitivity of this subject and believe that face to face discussions are essential concerning these matters. If you would like to have a trained member of our team visit you, please ask us to contact you back.

Easy payment options for our funeral plans – up to 24 months interest free

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Payment Flexibility

Plans can be purchased as a single lump sum or alternatively the cost can be spread over an extended period for upto a maximum of 10 years. We have interest free options for payment plans of up to 24 months.

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Quality of Service

We are business partners of Safe Hands Prepaid Funeral Plans. We only provide highly trained funeral plan advisers and will writers. Empathy and sensitivity are essential core disciplines that form the basis of our professional and ethical approach to business and customer service.